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Draigoch Goes Down!!

Our Biotch!!
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Welcome to the website for the Defenders of Drunhale Kinship in Lord of the Ring Online (Dwarrowdelf server).

For those NOT in this kin - you may want to head over to the Public Forums & check out our Charter. It will help you decide if this is the right Kin for you. If you like what you see, then you may want to go to the Application Forums.

For those in this Kin - Please remember to check the forums daily (or as often as possible) - there are some new things popping up constantly.

Please see this POST for more information regarding this and Absentee Policy, Officer/Kinsman Status, Kin Note, DKP, and Ventrilo (aka Vent).
Fanuilh / Nov 15, 2011
We are currently recruiting all classes!

If you were directed to this page by a member or via the LoTRO community site and wish to apply, please head over to the applications forum and leave a message following the guidelines in the sticky post at the top of that forum. An officer will contact you in due course.

Fanuilh / Nov 06, 2011
As you can probably see by the calendar we have scheduled a series of raids at level 75 in a bid to win some Worn Symbols of Celebrimbor (among other goodies).

Many of these raids are instances from the Volume 2 epic line, as such you will only be able to participate in the raids if you have already completed the instance in the epic line itself (I don't make the rules)
It is therefore a very good idea to work through Vol 2 to completion if you have not yet already.