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#6782183 Sep 29, 2012 at 05:51 PM
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Well hello there miladies and milords. How ya doin'? I came here to ask of wether or not anyone has played or is waiting to be able to play freely Star Wars : The Old Republic ? Yes you can easily play it solo. At least to get the whole story (which is the main thing in a game that is basicly KOTOR III just in a MMO form). And that is simply perfect for me, because I love to solo. But I must say, that it was great playing with you guys, and if you give this game a try, do tell. And besides, it is quite fun to play. I mean, as a shooter (either a smugler in republic or an imperial agent in empire) you can hide behind objects and pew pew the baddies from there. Not to mention that as an imperial agent you can be a sniper, which means that you one-shoting people (can i have a HALLELUJAH). Well at least some times. But so far, it wasn't so hard to pull... Anyway. I'm rambling. So if you will play, give me some way to find you, so we can quest toghether some time :) and if you're still thinking about it, here's Empire's recruiting video. Enjoy
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