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#4394547 May 21, 2011 at 04:48 PM
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Who we are:
Besides being snide, sarcastic, slightly crazy, and silly people we are... family orientated (we have a few couples playing), wide age-rangeing, active, and open-minded.

What we want:
Active (in RL & in-game), dedicated, mature, drama-free, communicative (MUST have vent and USE IT), responsible (in RL as well as in-game), helpful, respectful (we may say a few curse words here and there but we never disrespect anyone), attentative, people who can AND do read. Basically, we choose quality NOT quantity.

Where we are going:
To be the best kin on Dwarrowdelf.

Note: We also have a CREEP Tribe (Destroyers of Elahnurd) for those who like to play as monsters in PvMP.
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