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Rules for Raid/Instance Runs

1. If at all possible the run should be scheduled in advance, with notes as to what items you need. First come first serve.
- If you do not sign up for run you still may be able to go if room is left in fellowship. (Also if there are so many people that need this run we may be able to make two runs if time permits.

2. For raids into instances such as Carn Dum & Urugarth persons present in the run requiring a class item take presidence over those not present. (No free Rides)

3. For class items only the people who need the item should roll on it, unless there are none present in which case the item should be placed in the guild house or with an officer for the next person who will need it.

4. If a kin member has made two runs through an instance and still have not aquired the item they need; on the third run they will be the only one rolling for that particular item. (Third time's a charm)
- Should the kin member still need multiple items from a particular instance they will only have 100% guarantee on ONE item each run thereafter. This is to allow other, new instance participants, to receive items they may also need.

~ Player A (third attempt) still needs a Rune and Token, Player B needs the same Rune and Token. Player A then has 100% in winning ONE (1) of these items, and both will roll on the other. On the next run Player A will be guaranteed to win the other item.

~ Player A (third attempt) needs ONLY the Rune, Player B needs same Rune and a Token. Player A then has 100% of getting the Rune. Player B will get Token (if no one else needs it).

5. If there are two kin members who are both on their third run and need the same item (god-forbid) then the one with higher rank will receive the item (Kinsmen over Recruit) unless one lets the other win out of kindness and goodwill...

(Please check this protocol regularly as changes may be made as and when issues occur)
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