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Hey! You! Yeah you! No, there isn't anyone behind you! Stop browsing our site and just apply already! What was that? You don't know how? Just make a new post with your name in the subject and answer a few questions about why we should let you into our kin!

For your post tell us:

1) Character name(s)' level, race & class.

2) About You (the person typing these answers) – Whatever you want, however much you want to share.

3) Age - we don't want your date of birth, just how old you are.

4) Gaming experience.

5) Why Defenders of Drunhale? There are THOUSANDS of Kins… Many who don’t make you fill out a questionnaire. So why are you bothering?

6) Average gamplay in LOTRO per week.

7) Did any of our kinsmen refer you to our site? If so, who?

8) Additional information that you think will increase your chances of joining us.

We look forward to reading your answers. Hopefully we laugh only at what you want us to laugh at.

It may take up to two weeks for you to be fully accepted as we (officers AND members) want to play with you in-game and talk with you on. Two officers, at least, may ask to “interview” you at a pre-arraigned time with you on Vent. Don’t be discouraged & keep up the good spirits! You may need them once we are through with you… MUWAHAHAHAHA (that’s an evil laugh- be scared!)

Start a NEW thread (Subject title your character name) with your answers to apply!!

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