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#4590292 Jul 02, 2011 at 11:30 AM
Greg Thomas
Grimlaff - man, cpt, lvl 65 - tinkerer, kin w/Jewelers Guild, sup prosp and jewl, artisan cook... already accepted into the kin.

Nocme - man, burg, lvl 49 - Woodsman, kin w/Woodworkers Guild, sup forester, farmer, and woodworker... has mpt been invited into the kin yet.

I am 50 yrs. old, and yes my first computer was MUCH slower than my cell phone! My kids have X-Box and PS, but I am a purist and still prefer my PC! Or maybe I'm not coordinated enough to play them? Nah.... I love pro football and the Miami Dolphins are my team... also play fantasy football every season...

I have been playing war and/or stratagy games most of my life, started out with Avalon Hill board games back in the day when I had more time. I really like the Civ series on pc, really enjoyed multi-player. As far as online games, I started out with DragonLords, D&D online, and Evony before ending up on Lotro

Why Drunhale? I have been involved in 2 kins so far, both suffered mass defection or loss of leadership and colapsed. I am looking for not only an active, helpful kin, but a stable one as well... there are also a good number of my kinsmen and friends in Drunhale.

I get to play about 10 hrs. a week during the summer, my wife teaches school so it's a little more challenging ;)... the rest of the year [i] avgerage around 30 hrs. per week.

Thongalhir, Frostbrand, and Deyja have all told me that Drunhale is a first class Kin and have encouraged me to apply... but as I said earlier I am familier with many of your members.

I enjoy helping others, either by offering my blade in a quest or by crafting of new equipment, or the donating of raw materials. Others have helped me greatly and I want to return the favor. I am looking forward to being involved with you...

Thanks for your consideration,

greg aka Grimlaff
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#4590728 Jul 02, 2011 at 01:47 PM
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Welcome to the site Grim!!! and we will get Nocme into the kin (in-game) shortly.... no worries on that count. ^_^ Welcome again! :D
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#4591349 Jul 02, 2011 at 04:55 PM
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Welcome! Go Fins!!

I live in Miramar!

"A true friend will only get in your way if your going down."
. - El Presidente Slacker Pantalones
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