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[Pinned] Want to Apply? Read this FIRST!

Hey! You! Yeah you! No, there isn't anyone behind you! Stop browsing our site and just apply already! What was that? You don't know how? Just make a new post with your name in the subject and answer a few questions about why we should let you in...
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Lessa1162Small Lessa 7y

Grimlaff (main) Nocme (alt - only 1 for now ;))

Grimlaff - man, cpt, lvl 65 - tinkerer, kin w/Jewelers Guild, sup prosp and jewl, artisan cook... already accepted into the kin.Nocme - man, burg, lvl 49 - Woodsman, kin w/Woodworkers Guild, sup forester, farmer, and woodworker... has mpt been inv...
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Greg Thomas3236Small Draco 6y

For a new beginning

Hi guys !I am Lukas from Germany,im 18 and of course i love beer:)i have been playin lotro since october 2010 and i couldnt farmed wellso i started to play with my friend "Sentoriel"the elven hunter we were at the legion of anarchy clan i was 35 l...
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Hello everyone!My name is Amanda Schaefer. I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of 3 - 7.5 yo, 3.5 yo, and 13 mo old; and I work part time from home as well. I have played Guild Wars (several lvl 20 characters), WoW (main is Amartia lvl 80 warlo...
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I was told to want in

Hi it is me! 1) Amdorion lvl 7, elf, warden right now. I'll probably be 10 by tomorrow if I don't have to rock the baby too late tonight. Also I started Wildardoc lvl 3, hobbit, hunter.2) I was looking at trying to start playing online with peo...
Member avatar small Robert Schaefer (Mighty Rabbitslayer(GW & TLH), Bituhani (Kargath), Wildardoc (Brandywine), Nathan P 6y
Robert Schaefer (Mighty Rabbitslayer(GW & TLH), Bituhani (Kargath), Wildardoc (Brandywine), Nathan P2149Small Lessa 6y
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