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(Jul 04, 2013)
happy 4th all!
(Jun 12, 2013)
Guys I got GW2 but I don't know how to find you
(Mar 16, 2013)
Merry Christmas to you too. I am hopefully going to play again soon.
(Dec 24, 2012)
Merry Christmas to any slackers still out there
(Nov 16, 2012)
I like it, cuz a captain can one shot mobs now :)
(Nov 15, 2012)
for the record... mounted combat is FUCKING STUPID!
(Nov 11, 2012)
(Nov 10, 2012)
(Oct 31, 2012)
(Oct 27, 2012)
(Oct 26, 2012)
my hunter is broken, no quest or deed logs, i would prefer no friends list you lucky bastard fan
(Oct 24, 2012)
(Oct 22, 2012)
(Oct 16, 2012)
Hi FAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Oct 15, 2012)
So.. kinda sad tht friends of karinn outlasted DoD... and further more my friends list is broken, also obsolete so i cant find any fucker
(Oct 02, 2012)
HHHuuuuulllloooooo get GW2 you slackers!!
(Sep 10, 2012)
I was Beta testing Fan
(Sep 09, 2012)
You're smoking something good then, cause i logged in to pa my house rent like 2 days ago and it wasnt released then lol